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Official statement of Bulgarian Veterans Military Union "Vasil Levski" on the tribune of Fortress Europe

From Bulgarian Veterans Military Union Vasil Levski

Dear free citizens of Germany!

I would like to greet you on behalf of the Bulgarian people and the voluntaries on front line of United Europe’s South border. This is the place where every day thousands of economic migrants, illegally cross the Bulgarian border with preliminary and deliberately destroyed documents. I will repeat one more for those who might not have understood well – they are not refugees running from the war in Syria, but Islamic radicalized economic migrants, among whom there are covert ISIS fighters as well.

Thousands of people are invading Europe daily not with the aim to revive it or to bring economic and financial welfare, but - as they themselves claim – to revenge for their devastated states and natural resources seized by the transnational corporations.

I apply to you on behalf of the Bulgarian Military Veterans Union and the Bulgarian National Movement Shipka and would like to ask you the following question: who had started the wars in the Middle East, who was destroying and plundering these states using tanks, aircrafts and bombs under the plausible excuse of granting Freedom and Democracy?
I will answer you immediately - these are not the European nations, neither the citizens of Europe because no civilized European state has ever had any ambitions to act as a global gendarme, or to impose a New World Order by force of bullets.

We all know which state is that - the one located far away from Europe, but always having the final word on all matters concerning the European governments and their obedient party leaders. We would like to ask the European leaders – why is it that European citizens and the European electorate, who are not guilty of what is happening in the Middle East or the Latin America, have to pay the highest price and to subject their families and children to rapes, murders, forced Islamization, bankruptcy and extermination?

In Bulgaria we know very well that most of the migrants who illegally enter our country and then proceed to Western Europe are coming here to get everything that our parents, children and we have built, created and are to create, that they have no intention to integrate nor work and create social goods and GDP (gross domestic product) for us all to benefit from. We also know that a big part of them are victims of the propaganda of different Human-Rights organizations financed by other countries and their criminal governments. We know that well, because every day we face the hordes of migrants illegally crossing the Turkish-Bulgarian border, as we attempt to stop them and send them back, because they aren’t going to the border checkpoints to ask for an official asylum. They don’t want one – they prefer to just destroy the fences at the border and enter by force.

For this reason we are asking: why our corrupt premiers, presidents, monarchs and cancelers did not compel the leaders of the countries in Middle East, Asia and Africa to observe the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to protect these victims in their native countries? Why our rulers did exactly the opposite and called all these millions of people to come here and destroy our social systems, islamize us and make us flee by force or kill us!

We are asking our state leaders: why haven’t you helped the millions of victims of state dictators and corrupted state officials in their own countries before forcing millions of them to set out to Europe. Why haven’t you curbed in time these so called human rights organizations which were distributing all over Africa, Asia and Middle East fliers with misleading information that if these people go to Germany or other European country they would get 30 thousand of Euro one time-aid, free homes, luxurious vehicles and large monthly means of livelihood for their families? Why have you allowed them to deceive millions of Africans, Arabs and Asians? Why our European governments do not observe their own laws for fight against the illegal human trafficking, the illegal smuggling of weapons and drugs, the laws for crossing of European borders? Why have you appealed to millions of people to set out to Europe thus actually facilitated their corrupted local governments and criminal dictators to remain without opposition? Why are you condemning with these actions your own voters to become victims of violation, rapes, starving and suffering? Why are you intentionally leading your countries to bankruptcy and your own people to ethnic and religious assimilation and annihilation?

For many years you were accusing Stalin and Hitler of all evil of the world. Now you are following their path in leaps and bounds trying to exterminate your own citizens. You are depriving us of rights, jobs, public housing; you are depriving us of social and police protection and above all you are depriving us of our freedoms. Like veritable dictators you deprive your voters, the people that had elected you, of everything that was guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 (a fundamental document of the French Revolution and in the history of human and civil rights)

You deprived us of our right to protest and to freely protect our rights. You deprived us of the right to live peacefully in our homes, cities and states. You deprived us of the right to raise our children without worrying that they could be killed or raped. You deprived us of the right to have decent wages and pensions and you are leading our countries to a total bankruptcy. Your actions, namely, caused the bankruptcies of some banks and the plundering of their depositors.

Dear state governors, come to your senses and stop before it’s too late! Let us the European citizens and people live free in a real democracy and not in this total administrative, judicial and financial terror and economic extermination you have subjected us to.

Come to your senses and stop because the fault is not of these millions of migrants coming to Europe, the fault for everything that is happening now is yours namely.

You are guilty of the total radicalization of the Muslim communities in Europe because you invited millions of people of different culture, customs and religion to come here. Muslims are not to be blamed for what is happening in Europe now; blame is of the politicians who are trying to provoke ethnic and religious conflicts and wars on our continent, which will lead to genocide and will destroy the sovereign nation-states.

We must not allow the plan for destruction of Europe to succeed. For this reason it’s time for all worthy, decent and peaceful European citizens to unite and save our continent and our countries. It is time to unite and protect together the South border of Europe! All those who are guilty of today horrible tragedy must be brought to justice. We must stop all wars and conflicts and help the millions of migrants come back to their native countries so that they themselves can free them on their own and without any external intervention. These people must be allowed to fight for justice in their countries; they must fight against the local dictators and not flee their homelands.

Proud and free CITIZENS OF GERMANY and Europe, wake up! Wake up and unite around the most decent and honest persons of your countries, unite around the intellectual and national elite of your nations, not around political parties. The political parties only divide us, rob us and sow the seeds of discord between us. We have right of a dignified, happy and peaceful life as true free-born children of God.

Policemen and army officers, wake up! Wake up and serve and protect your nation and your people! Remember that the ordinary citizens are those who pay your wages and pensions, and not the corrupt governments.

Wake up Europeans! Let’s all together defend our Europe before it is too late for us and our children!

NO PASARAN, brothers and sisters!

The victory will be for us - the citizens because we are billions! United we are a power that nobody can destroy!

Bulgaria is with you! We support you in every step on the way to Freedom!

Bulgarian Veterans Military Union Vasil Levski

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Vassil Levski Military Union and Shipka Bulgarian National Movement started
an accelerated creation of a separate division for Special Operations and Antiterrorism.

Vassil Levski Military Union


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Published on: 2016-10-02 04:10:40