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Memorandum of truth, peace, justice and liberty sent to 48 international patriotic organizations

MEMORANDUM OF TRUTH, PEACE, JUSTICE AND LIBERTY - Vassil Levski Military Union - Shipka Bulgarian National Movement


40 steps towards freedom and salvation of all nations and the Jewish people from the horrible trammels of slavery imposed by the international mafia.

1. All sovereign nation-states shall regain control over the management of their national banks and natural resources, and the right to print their own national currency shall be restored. This will prevent their population from being economic slaves of transnational corporations and world bankers.

2. Privately owned banks shall never have the right to operate as national banks, nor to print the national currency of any state in the world.

3. All debts owed by nation-states and sovereign nations to private banks are to be rendered illegal, as being manipulatively imposed to create economic and financial slavery.

4. The nation-states are not to be held responsible for the debts owed by private legal and natural persons to foreign private banks and corporations.

5.Should any private bank or corporation print national currencies and securities, this is to be considered a crime, subject to prosecution worldwide.

6. The territory, currencies, natural resources and gold reserves shall be deemed exclusive public property of each state and shall be subjected to development, processing, extraction and exploitation for the sole benefit of the state to which they belong. These shall be seized from the private banks and companies holders for no consideration and reinstated to the nation-states. The corrupt rulers responsible for selling these assets shall be brought to trial and held responsible for any compensation deemed due.

7. The US citizens shall be recovered the right to issue their national currency only under the supervision of the Congress or the respective State. All debts of the USA that were artificially or criminally accumulated by the private owners of the Federal Reserve shall be declared null and void.

8. Every bank in the world to return to the state treasury of each nation any funds, with accrued and unpaid interest, gold, silver and other financial assets which are the property of said nation states. This is to take place even if these assets were being held solely for safe keeping, or if these states had changed their names or form of government.

9. Any assets held by private banks which are proven to have been illegally misappropriated or secretly transferred by private individuals, government ministers, party leaders or members of Parliament to be immediately returned to the treasury of that nation.

10. The ownership of shares held by private banks, private persons and entities in the national banks, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, shall be banned and nullified with immediate effect whereby no compensation applies.

11. All government debts and loans, owed to any bank or financial institutions in the world shall be declared odious, illegal and non-refundable if contracted without people's approval by means of a national referendum and not employed for the nation's prosperity.

12. Ownership of shares, stake or interest in strategic enterprises and industries of each distinct state (such as: mass media, transport, communication, energy, pharmacy, healthcare, education and the national finance system) held by international organizations, foreign banks, companies and citizens (dual citizenship holders inclusive) shall be prohibited. These shall be owned only by the state and their activity must be conducted for the well-being, prosperity and national security of the citizens.

13. Any international and inter-state contracts which contain clauses not disclosed to the public in advance, or signed without being approved by a two thirds majority in a national referendum, shall be declared null and void.

14. All military archives of the Nazi concentration camps are to be declassified and open to public scrutiny thus ending the speculation about the Holocaust and clarifying which nations suffered most victims, being subject to extermination, persecution, and plunder of their natural resources.
The Allies of World War II (Great Britain, France and USA) shall nullify the secret Chancellor Act signed in May 1949 (Kanzlerakte) and will enable the German people to establish a legally sovereign nation state.

15. Information about the establishment, participants (and their ethnic origin), court records, documents and decisions of the international community, linked to the financing of the First and Second World Wars, the peace conferences and congresses held after the end of the Nuremberg Trials, of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the deliberate destruction of USSR, Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia, the orange revolutions and takeovers in Eastern Europe and the Arab League countries, shall be declassified and disclosed to the public.

16. All documents and participants in the establishment and work of the League of Nations, the UN, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, EU, the European Central Bank, the International Criminal Court, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, shall be declassified and disclosed to the public.

17. All documents related to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the North American Union shall be declassified and disclosed to the public.

18. Production of GMO and chemicals hazardous to human well-being shall be banned worldwide. Court judgments against US or other farmers resulting from actions brought by the responsible corporations shall be immediately revoked. All financial penalties along with the interest accrues, which resulted from these actions shall be returned and the citizens of countries which imported these products shall be compensated.

19. The activity of all foreign sects, foundations and NGOs and their intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states, outside the jurisdiction of their legal registration shall be immediately banned.

20. The activity of all media, NGOs, trusts, funds, political parties, banks, foundations, etc., financed from abroad, shall be immediately banned since these become a "Fifth column" and an instrument of foreign countries' interests instead of working for the benefit of people's national interests.

21. The persecution and conviction of persons for expressing their personal opinion and beliefs, or for disseminating information contradicting the official views and governmental doctrines, shall cease and these persons shall be released as this is a gross violation of freedom of speech and human rights.

22. Every adult male who illegally migrated to the territory of a foreign country without having identification documents or a legally obtained visa shall be immediately extradited. It is a duty of every adult male in the world to fight for his and his people's rights and freedoms on the territory of his native country.

23. No country or international coalition in the world shall have the right to interfere under any pretext in the internal affairs, social order, economy, finance and politics of other countries and people. Foreign intervention destroys the nations' resistance forces and causes a larger-scale ethnic and religious conflicts, chaos, diseases, famine and destruction.

24. Any state leader worldwide, who organizes, conducts or carries out military and special operations on the territory of other countries without having the formal demand of the relevant lawfully elected and operating government or without the unanimous decision of the UN, shall bear full legal and financial responsibility for the casualties, damages and ruin. Any such leader shall be subject to legal prosecution by all UN member states and the World Court of Sovereign States.

25. The citizens of any country worldwide shall not be obliged to provide protection, shelter, food, work, social benefits, rights and freedoms to any foreigners arriving illegally in their country. Such foreigners shall look after their own protection, shelter, food, work, social benefits, rights and freedoms by making efforts, working and struggling for the prosperity, independence and freedom of their own countries. Promotion of illegal migration from a less developed to a more prosperous country leads to an increase in social inequality and crime. This reinforces the parasitism over the rights, freedoms, life and resources of other nations, which after centuries of efforts, work, education and cultural development had managed to improve their nation states.

26. Every foreign ethnic group of proven integration into the nation state shall have the same rights, freedoms and obligations as the other local citizens.

27. The members of foreign ethnic groups, secret societies and foreign banks shall be prohibited from managing the financial system of other nation states.

28. A full and unconditional ban shall be imposed on the possession of nuclear weapons by any country in the Middle East, unless these are manufactured by that country using its own technological, financial, scientific and industrial resources and are controlled and inspected regularly by experts from the international community. Any country, which does not meet the above conditions, shall be subject to an annual financial penalty of 50% of its GDP to be paid to the UN for the benefit of humanitarian work.

29. The passage of foreign troops and police forces as well as the deployment of foreign military bases on the territory of any country in the world shall be banned, even when such country is a member of international military organizations and unions. Only units of the national army and police can be based on the territory of the relevant country.

30. No country in the world shall have the right to participate in any military, police, financial or commercial organizations and unions unless this participation was approved by a two thirds majority in a national referendum.

31. The activities of all sorts of lobbying bodies and companies shall be banned because through corrupt practices they influence the decision makers and the electorate involved and pass laws that are not to the benefit of the population but favor the interests of transnational corporations and foreign bodies, which has been proven to be harmful to the state.

32. National referendums must necessarily be held on all matters that are important for the population of each state, including trade, financial, economic, political, social and military matters. Decisions shall only be passed when not less than 75% of the electorate has voted for them.

33. All banks and funds in the world which caused losses to the depositors during the economic crisis shall reimburse them within 1 year at the expense of the personal assets of their owners, shareholders and managers, and the movables and real estate owned by the relevant banks and funds.

34. Any private bank in the world which has received financial assistance from a state shall immediately refund that amount, together with accrued interest. Should this not be possible due to insufficient funds, the owners and senior management of the bank and the government officials who had authorized the payments should be brought to court. In recompense the bank shall make all its property and mortgages available to be managed by a committee composed of the board of depositors and the Ministry of Finance.

35. All private banks in the world shall be prohibited from providing credits and loans exceeding their current tangible assets.

36. Funding to the media in each country in the world should be made available only through Independent Public Information Boards composed of citizens, and not by those interested in manipulating the public opinion.

37. The families of all members of the Parliament, ministers, presidents and all so-called public servants and managing officials shall be forbidden to leave the country in which they have been entrusted to rule for twice the duration of their national service. This will ensure that they will not sell the interests of their peoples to foreign countries, bankers and authorities and to escape abroad after the crime.

38. All adults and the citizens who are not under judicial interdiction shall have the right to possess arms for their own defense and to protect their people's rights, freedoms, resources and life.

39. The electoral system worldwide shall be changed in order to protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens and to ensure true justice, equality and sustainable world peace as well as to provide for the voting rights of all public, social, ethnic and religious groups in the world, no matter of their gender or ideology.

40. Elections shall not be based on party, racial, ethnic, religious, financial or social grounds but rather on the selection of the best candidates among the most respected members of each group of 100 adults living on the same street or neighborhood thus enabling every worthy person to be nominated and elected.
Persons, who had taken high governmental posts in the last 20 years such as leaders of political parties, former and current ministers, members of the Parliament, mayors, chief magistrates, heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and secret services, shall not be allowed to be nominated and elected. Same restriction shall apply for privatizers of strategic plants and industries, owners of media, banks and insurance companies, members and leaders of the largest employers and industrialist unions, members of secret communities and NGOs financed from abroad.

Nuit Debout, Bulgaria, Shipka Bulgarian National Movement
In the first round, each group of 100 persons shall nominate one among them whom they consider to be worthiest to represent them. All nominated persons shall be brought together in a common group and their names shall be randomly shuffled by a computer. The computer shall so form the next groups of 100 people, which in turn shall have the responsibility to choose and promote among the members of their group their best representative to be sent to the Parliament. If the country has a huge population (such as China, India, the United States, Russia, etc.), the formation of groups shall continue in the same way, until reaching the number of the best representatives which is required by that country to form a Parliament. This will help to eradicate once and for all the opportunities for vote purchases and corrupt practices as well as the influence of separate minority ethnic groups over the life and the societal development of the state-forming ethnicity. This system will provide equal rights to all citizens and social classes (no matter whether they are rich, poor or unemployed) not only to elect but to be elected. This system allows for selecting and sending for public service only the most respected among the best candidates, who had not taken any party, public or governmental positions before then. Each member of the Parliament should be in position to be immediately recalled if 10% of the vote-entitled citizens in his constituency request such recall. No member of the Parliament or minister should have immunity against prosecution, even with respect to the nature of their vote in the plenary. Every Member of Parliament, minister and other participant in the state government found to have committed an infringement against the sovereignty, the independence, the well-being, the security or the freedom of his country and citizens shall be deemed to be self-recalled and brought to justice. It is the Court's obligation to confiscate his personal property. The sentence of any Member of Parliament, minister or other participant in the state government shall be increased by twice the term, for which the people passed a vote of confidence to take the respective position. For instance, if the same was elected for a period of 5 years and afterwards sentenced to 4 years in prison, his sentence shall become 14-year imprisonment because the vote of confidence is deemed to be an aggravating circumstance when abused. The members of the family of each convicted Member of Parliament, civil servant, and minister shall lose the right to take any governmental and public posts for twice the sentence period. This is the way to irrevocably purge all states of corrupt criminal governments and the party elites that have ransacked and sold the property and natural resources of their nation states and enslaved their peoples financially and economically.


Nuit Debout, Bulgaria, Shipka Bulgarian National Movement


May 2016

Written for “Nuit Debout” Movement in France by the staff of Vasil Levski Military Union, Shipka Bulgarian National Movement and the Committee for National Salvation for joint promotion and implementation by all national liberation and patriotic movement all over the world.

United Headquarters, Bulgaria Vassil Levski Military Union, Shipka Bulgarian National Movement, Committee for National Salvation

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Vassil Levski Military Union and Shipka Bulgarian National Movement started
an accelerated creation of a separate division for Special Operations and Antiterrorism.

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